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We live on the go, hyper connected. With more than 100,0002 movements per day our eyes need to do extra efforts to maintain sharpness while we are in motion.

Introducing Varilux® XR seriesTM, the first eye-responsive progressive lens3 that provides instant sharpness even in motion4.


Varilux® XR series™ is the first eye-responsive progressive lens³ powered by behavioral artificial intelligence.⁵

Beyond prescription and eye physiology the design now considers visual behavior, a prerequisite for fast and precise eye movements.

9/10 WEARERS4:



Perceived instant sharpness at all distances, even in motion4



Felt more reactive and confident when moving6



Felt adapted by the first day7

POWERED BY behavioral artificial intelligence⁵

More than 1 million data from exclusive research, wearer test in real-life, wearer behavioral and postural measurements in store were computed and analyzed.

Therefore, for every single wearer prescription, the visual behavior profile⁸ is predicted to design a progressive lens that respects the natural eye movements.

XR-motionTM technology

The XR-motion technology allows the optimization of both lenses according to the visual behavior profile of the patient through two major optimizations:

  • taking binocular vision to the next level
  • precise positioning of the focus zones

+49% volume of broadband vision vs Varilux® X Series lens⁹

A new criterion, named volume of broadband vision, calculates the 3D area where the wearer can benefit from a highly sharp vision on any visual target, even while moving, with a seamless ocular navigation between 30cm and infinity.10


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1. Based on Essilor International R&D simulations - 2022 - calculation based on lenses measurements weighted by the level of importance of each criteria for progressive lenses declared by users (Quantitative Consumer study Ipsos - Q1 2022-BR/FR/IT/UK/US- 000 progressive lens weareral-Simulations done on most relevant competitive brands brands with good level of awareness among nsumers Consumer Lems Brand Tracking-Ipsos-03 2022-BR/CA/CN/FR/IN/IT/UK/US-0000) & offering premium progressive lenses.

2. Peter H. Schiller, Edward J. Tehovnik, Neural mechanisms underlying target selection with saccadic eye movements, Progress in Brain Research, Elsevier Volume 149, 2005, Pages 157-171.

3. Eye-responsive defined as the consideration of two parameters in the design of the progressive lens: prescription and visual behavior.

4. Varilux XR® series™ –in-life consumer study -Eurosyn–2022–France (n=73 progressive lens wearers). 66/73 perceived instant sharpness at all distances while in motion

5.Essilor uses Artifical intelligence to go beyond prescription and eye physiology to understand individuals visual behavior using more than 1 million points of data from real wearers

6. ©Essilor –Varilux® XR series -in-life consumer study –Eurosyn–2022 –France (n=73 progressive lens wearers; 69/73). In motion is defined as driving, walking, and biking.

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8. Objects distances defined in a 3D environment as a function of gaze direction thanks to gaze lowering and accommodation exclusive models.

9. R&D simulations via Avatar –2022 – vs Varilux X series

10. Volume of broadband vision is the volume of space between 30cm and infinity having: 1/ A binocular acuity loss lower than 0.15logMAR (eq. to a binocular visual acuity of 8/10) 2/ A power disparity lower than 0.15D 3/ A resulting astigmatism disparity lower than 0.25D.